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This is personal web page, my name is Tomáš Rybnický. I'm interested in information technologies covering data storage, processing and presenting through the various environments. Thank you for visiting and let me know if you have any questions, all possible communication channels can be found on contact page.


Web presentations and applications


Web hosting services and statistics


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Personal information

My name is Tomáš Rybnický, I'm interested in software and web development technologies mostly focused on database solutions a data proccessing techniques within projects for information systems. I've created this web for preseting my work in one place. Here you can find infromation about me and my working experience.

Born: 7.10.1990 in Čadca (Slovakia)
Living: Ostrava-Poruba (Czech Republic)/Raková (Slovakia)


Higher level
HTML, CSS, PHP, XML, Java, C#, MSSQL, MySQL, T-SQL, JSF, Primefaces, Wordpress
Meduim level
Oracle, PL/SQL, Batch, GIMP, Python, Javascript, jQuery, TEX, Yii
Common level
ASP.NET, Ruby, Perl, SSIS

Current work

Since February 2013

Now I'm working as Database administrator for Microsoft SQL Server products for cutomers mostly from scandinavian countries. My work consists from many parts, from common issues related to SQL run on the hosting server (system resource usage) to root cause analysis, performance tunning, monitoring solutions and automation.

In addition to my work on production I'm working on some internal projects which are part of automation within company. Within these projects, I'm using knowledge of T-SQL querying, programming and server monitoring.


By the offcial office job, I'm working on websites and web development, including database maintenance, application layer and presentation layer. Working mostly with PHP based development, but also some projects in Java everything connected with HTML, JavaScript and CSS scripting. I have started to play arround with Wordpress, Opencart and Prestashop CMSs.

Work experience (in IT)

Yellen logo

My previous working experience was working for company Yellen solutions. I was working there as programmer of GWT Java Web aplication project for restaurants. My work consisted of creating database structure, loading data to data layer, then proccess them in control layer and presenting them in view layer. Project was written in Java.

This was very benefical experience because of colorful tasks I was chalenging during phases of project. This work lead me to improve my skills and awakened my interest in IT.

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