During all years working in IT I’m in love with databases and all data processing around. Mainly focused on Microsoft SQL Server products as I like all the power included within. I know that it is not the cheapest toy in the world but good things are good. 

SQL Server itself is not just “database” like many people think. It is equipped with many nice features and tools available to you to work with your data. Some of most popular listed below

And it is far away from whole list of them. It is not mandatory to use all of them but it is always good to know what you are paying for and try to use it as much as possible.


The Microsoft Data Platform (source: Microsoft)

Performance issues

SQL Server is commonly used in many companies within almost all industries. In some bigger companies you can find dedicated DBA team which is taking care of their instances, databases and all related SQL Server stuff around. But in smaller companies there is no dedicated person(s) for such work and it is common that SQL Server is not used in its right way and may be causing problems in company processing.

You can see the most common way of solving performance issues within SQL Server

SQL Server tuning (source: www.mssqltips.com)


If you are system admin, DBA, developer or all of them in one person 🙂 it is good to know how things are working and what can be done to make them work better for us.

Writing here all time about SQL Server but it is the same for all data systems, including free ones. I have some experience with other database systems mostly with MySQL, but prefer writtng about SQL Server as data platform because I like it most.

Fortunately almost every problem you are facing was solved in the past (if you are not the first lucky one) and people spent their time to describe their solution and provide it online (that is also one of the reason I decided to create this website 🙂 ) for search engine indexing so you are able to find it very quickly using very well known helper uncle Google.


One very important think to consider is to first think about the results you found as solution for your problem and double test it before you apply it to your production system and also keep in mind that rather to have 10 backups to pick from than have no way back. So be very patient and study about you problem as much as possible that will make you growing.

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