What you can find here

Data platform

Databases and all data processing around. Mainly focused on Microsoft SQL Server products. I can provide consultancy or trainings. We can discuss your problems and find solutions together.

Scripting library

Scripts can make IT life simpler, help avoid repeating actions or just to have some fun. Some collection available online as some kind of library with search and filtering options.

Web development

Creating tailor-made websites based on customer needs. Mainly focused on WordPress platform with using all available techniques. Some samples available in projects section.

Ideas posts

Shared ideas I want to provide and discuss with other people sharing same interests. I will try to share something helpful and will be glad to hear your opinion in discussion.

Having troubles with website or database?

  • Slow or not usable website
  • Outdated design
  • Not readable on mobile devices
  • More functionality needed
  • Not optimized database server
  • Not optimized database structures
  • Slow performing queries
  • Training for employees

Nothing is perfect but some things can be better. Contact me for free consultation and we will find way to solve your problem together.

Areas of interests

Be recognizable on all devices

Nowadays it is common that visits on your website consists of  considerable amount of visitors from mobile devices. It is important to have website that is optimized for smaller displays to make it easier to browse for your users, and that is the main idea of publishing something for your customers.

Responsive Web Design makes your web page look good on all devices (desktops, tablets, and phones). I’m using world’s most popular front-end component library Bootstrap which make it easy to build responsive web design.

Standard width ranges for responsive web design

Minimize load time to rise visits

Web performance refers to the speed in which web pages are downloaded and displayed on the user’s web browser. It is better for you to have website load short as possible. .

Page load report

To reach good load times it is important to load only required stuff the most efficient way possible using some of web performance best practices and techniques.

You can test your actual website speed using Pingdom website speed test tool and compare your grades to picture above. Not having good results? Let me know we can take look on your website and help it be get better marks.

Maintenance as part of your life

Every website or application requires some maintenance from time to time. As common user you can be unaware of such requirements and it can be painful to take  care of them by yourself.

Common maintenance tasks you should take care of are:

Installing updates



During all the time you want to be online as much as possible, so it is important to make all required tasks smartly to avoid any downtime. I am always trying to make everything smoothly with divided environments when taking care of your website.

Here are some results for websites under my control:

Be prepared to restore your data

It is important to be prepared for situations that you will lost all your data, and all work done over your website. This can be very frustrating, if you don’t have any possibility to recover your website and all its data.


Most customers are good with their actual state and will recognize their fault too late. If you want to be prepared I can help you with planning for such situations.

Tools to measure your success

When you are doing something you want to know if it working or not. The same thing with website or some application you want to know how many people using it. Fortunately there are some tools to provide that data in some reasonable statistics view. I’m mostly using Google Analytics tool.


Its popular and well documented tool which is built and ready for almost all cases you can imagine within measuring user activity on your website. Can provide really nice overview on all devices or deliver statistics on regular basis

Example of user sessions in Google Analytics