SQL Server - Memory and page file usage

Check configuration and usage of RAM and page file. Useful as quick overview for memory performance problem entry point. You will see if SQL Server using all memory according to configuration and how much memory is available on the server. Including information about Windows Page File usage.

	c.value AS [max server memory (MB)], 
	c.value_in_use AS [memory in use (MB)],
	m.total_physical_memory_kb/1024 AS [total RAM (MB)],
	m.available_physical_memory_kb/1024 AS [available RAM (MB)],
	m.total_page_file_kb/1024  AS [page file (MB)],
	m.available_page_file_kb/1024 AS [available pagefile (MB)]
FROM sys.configurations c
	JOIN sys.dm_os_sys_memory m ON 1 = 1
WHERE c.name like '%max server memory%'


Script results screen:

Results screen

Script results detailed description:

Column nameData typeDescription
max server memory (MB)bigintSQL Server max memory configuration limit in megabytes (MB).
memory in use (MB)bigintSize of memory in use by SQL Server, in MB.
total RAM (MB)bigintTotal size of physical memory available to the operating system, in megabytes (MB).
available RAM (MB)bigintSize of physical memory available, in MB.
page file (MB)bigintSize of the commit limit reported by the operating system in MB.
available pagefile (MB)bigintTotal amount of page file that is not being used, in MB.

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